Emotive Works was born out of the desire to create an inviting and motivating environment in your standard, grey and boring office.

We believe there is nothing worse than being stuck in a “concrete prison” style office, where you spend your entire day┬ámind numbingly pounding away on a keyboard. This is the number one way to drain yourself of any creativity and motivation.

That’s why we started Emotive Works. We want to bring back the life and energy to your office. Each of our designs has been created in house with messages that we know will give your office the kick start it needs when it needs it most.

Our designs are bold, clear and sometimes a little bit cheeky, but they are guaranteed to brighten your office/home office and make a difference to how you work everyday.

It’s time to lighten the mood in your office, bring back the energy and creativity that we all need. That’s what Emotive Works is here to do.

We are constantly expanding our selection of artwork and products, if you have any suggestions or would like to see a particular message or phrase, then please contact us.